We kill all the caterpillars, then complain there are no butterflies. - John Marsden

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George throwing a bitch to the floor

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George is my favorite.

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when you accidentally befriend someone annoying and you can’t get out of the friendship


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Untitled on We Heart It.

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can you believe that there are people on this earth who have never seen this video before

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"I have always been a reader; I have read at every stage of my life, and there has never been a time when reading was not my greatest joy. And yet I cannot pretend that the reading I have done in my adult years matches in its impact on my soul the reading I did as a child. I still believe in stories. I still forget myself when I am in the middle of a good book. Yet it is not the same. Books are, for me, it must be said, the most important thing; what I cannot forget is that there was a time when they were at once more banal and more essential than that. When I was a child, books were everything. And so there is in me, always, a nostalgic yearning for the lost pleasure of books. It is not a yearning that one ever expects to be fulfilled."

Diane SetterfieldThe Thirteenth Tale (via duttonbooks)
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A cold day in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

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"This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The writing is getting boring. The sound of it drones. It’s like a stuck record. The ear demands some variety. Now listen. I vary the sentence length, and I create music. Music. The writing sings. It has a pleasant rhythm, a lilt, a harmony. I use short sentences. And I use sentences of medium length. And sometimes, when I am certain the reader is rested, I will engage him with a sentence of considerable length, a sentence that burns with energy and builds with all the impetus of a crescendo, the roll of the drums, the crash of the cymbals—sounds that say listen to this, it is important."

—Gary Provost  (via halve)
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"You can’t spend your life obsessing over fictional characters."


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